équipementier aéaulique - Métro de Rennes

Rennes metro

Line B of the Rennes metro a future line that will cross the city from west to east for 14km and will serve 15 stations. This second line will be inaugurated in the second half of 2020. It will be the first line in the world to use Neoval technology, an evolution of light automatic vehicletechnology used for the first line.
Référence Grand Hôtel-Dieu F2A

Grand Hôtel-Dieu

The refurbishment of Hôtel-Dieu, former hospital of the Lyon city center, is a long-standing project that finally emerge in 2018. After closing in 2010 and abandoning its medical vocation, digs and asbestos removal have been carried out before the beginning of a huge site in April 2015. It is the « biggest transformation’s operation of an old historic monument in France according to the BTP Eiffage group.
Référence Yamal LNG F2A

Yamal LNG

Yamal LNG is one of the biggest and most complex project of liquefied natural gas in the world. Its extraction objective is around 16.5 millions of natural gas tons per year. The business has been launched by a consortium comprising the Russian Novatek (50,1%), the French company Total (20%) and some other chinese investors. This is the very first big « low-cost » hydrocarbon project that was never built in the world.
Référence Métro-Tram Lusaïl LRT F2A

Lusaïl Light Rail Transit

The Lusaïl project is certainly one of the most atypical: to build a transport network on a city that exists for the moment only on paper!
Référence acoustique F2A - Euroméditerranée


EUROMÉDITERRANÉE is an urban regeneration project in Marseille city center, launched by the French government and various local authorities (Ville de Marseille, PACA regional council etc.) in 1995. This huge 1,200-acre project is part of a global repositioning of the city’s image within the international landscape of dynamic cities.
Référence F2A Tunnel de la Croix Rousse

Croix Rousse Tunnel

Due to its urban location and the heavy traffic, this 1 757 meter long tunnel has specific requirements. The dense traffic (47 000 vehicles per day) puts the ventilation elements under heavy pressure and wear.
Référence F2A - Entrepôt de stockage - Dagneux (01)

Storage warehouse – France – Ain (01)

A 44,000 m3 storage warehouse at Dagneux (France), in the department of Ain (01), had its air handling system overhauled to become more effective and flexible. The previous gas heating system of radiating panels was replaced by four rooftop units combined with diffusion using F2A textile ducts to heat and air condition this 4,900 m2 warehouse.
Référence F2A - Philharmonie de Paris

Paris’ philharmonic

Paris’ philharmonic is set to be a modern building, by its architectural integration in the Villette’s park mostly, but also regarding the acoustic measures taken during its construction. Architect Jean Nouvel surrounded by one of the best teams of project managers will achieve this building in the beginning of the year 2015. The structure’s budget had been estimated at 118 millions in 2006 and has been reassessed at 380 millions in 2013.
Référence Métro du Caire F2A

Cairo’s subway

Cairo is the most densely populated city in Africa and in the Arabian world and its transport needs are considerable. It was estimated that its public transport system can handle up to 4.9 million journeys per day while a study led in 1990 showed that to support its entire population needs, Cairo would need to be able to handle 8 million journeys per day. To deal with this issue, the Cairo subway opened a third line whose first part was inaugurated in February 2012. It has 3.4 km of underground for a total line of 35.2 km which should be achieved by 2017.
Référence F2A - Musée des beaux-arts

Beaux-Arts Museum

The city of Dijon decided to renovate its fine arts museum so as to present the exhibitions in a renovated and enhanced monument. In the long term this operation will allow a better welcoming of the public in a larger, friendlier and more comfortable museum.

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