Grand Hôtel-Dieu

DATE OF THE SITE 2015 - 2018

The refurbishment of Hôtel-Dieu, former hospital of the Lyon city center, is a long-standing project that finally emerge in 2018. After closing in 2010 and abandoning its medical vocation, digs and asbestos removal have been carried out before the beginning of a huge site in April 2015. It is the « biggest transformation’s operation of an old historic monument in France according to the BTP Eiffage group.

42.000 m² of renovated buildings, 10.000 m² of new buildings and 8.000 m² of yards and parks are opened to the public. The place is a new urban walk, but also a touristic « laboratory » of a modern consumption and production mode.


  • The complexity of the site is not to be neglected as the project deals with the renovation of many different areas : offices, hostels, shops and car parks. Hence, the acoustic studies differed according to the zone.
  • Due to the building architectural age and its size constraints, many study modifications were required during the construction work. Our teams worked with the Clevia company (formerly Eiffage Energie et Thermie) with around 10 meetings on site to carry out the project.
  • Following the infrequent updates, our team had to adapt its calendar to the site’s requirements.


F2A solution

In order to deal with these constraints, F2A carried out several acoustic studies that were customised and adpated to each area of refurbishment.
Currently, 26 orders of splitters and silencers have been placed and delivered by special conveyors to the city center of Lyon.


splitters and 90 circular silencers (BS+, BS and BD+ splitters, confort and optimum circular silencers).

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