Référence F2A - Tunnel de Neuilly

Neuilly’s tunnel

In 2009 Paris City Hall launched a series of renovation on its 22 urban tunnels. Among them, the Neuilly tunnel, 440 m long, in the center of Paris.
Référence F2A - Plateforme logistique SCA Centre

Logistic platform SCA Centre

Built in 1986, SCA Centre distribution center decided to expand in 2014 to become a 45,000 m3 central purchasing centre employing about 200 people. The aim was to increase storage capacity in order to supply 75% of E. Leclerc stores located in central France with food items, liquids and household & personal care products.
Référence F2A - Tunnel Maurice Lemaire

Maurice Lemaire Tunnel

The Maurice Lemaire tunnel is one of the longest tunnels in France (6 950 m). It is located between Saint-Marie-aux-Mines(68) and Lusse (88) and has been subject to a vast program of upgrades. A safety gallery was dug in order to renovate the ventilation system.
Référence F2A - Flammanville


The acoustic treatment outside the nuclear premises is regulated by the 31 January 2006 Order. It defines the general technical regulations meant to prevent and attenuate noise emergences and external risks resulting from the operating of standard nuclear installations.  
Référence F2A - Centre de loisir Vitam' Parc


With a surface of approximately 4 500 m², the indoor aquatic pool has a ETFE polymer dome that needs an efficient ventilation to demist the walls. MINO company, warrant of the system’s installation, called upon F2A’s expertise to reach its objectives. Due to its peculiar geometry and for aesthetics means, the establishment benefited from a ventilation system based on custom-made textile ducts that easily fit in the architectural complex.
Référence F2A - Maison internationale des langues et culture

International house of cultures and languages

This place dedicated to culture and languages is a project that saw the collaboration between the two universities Lyon 2 and 3. This center is meant to unite Lyon’s universities by mutualizing resources within this innovative structure. The building will cover a surface of 3260 m² including places dedicated to researches, a documentation center, training rooms, places dedicated to the cultural diffusion and valorization. This project is financed by the state and will be achieved during the year 2015.
Référence acoustique F2A - CHU Argenteuil

CH Argenteuil

The Argenteuil hospital center was built in 1929 and then renovated in 2012 with the addition of a 2 000 m² structure for which F2A supplied part of the elements for the control of acoustic levels. The hospital welcomes nearly 32 000 people in full hospitalization per year; it counts 841 beds in total and over 2 400 professionals and consultants are working there. The issue of acoustic comfort is very important in a healthcare facility because the users can be especially sensitive to stress. Soundproofing must be performed so that it doesn’t bother the patients and so that doctors and nurses are able to detect emergency situations from the hallway.
Référence F2A - Station d'epuration

Water treatment plant

The water treatment plant of Mantes Rosny is located on the already existing site built in 1977 at Rosny-sur-Seine (France). This plant purifies the water of the entire Parisian basin.
Référence acoustique F2A - CHU Carcassonne

Carcassonne Hospital

Carcassonne’s hospital has nearly 800 beds and is one of the most efficient medical establishments of the Languedoc-Roussillon region regarding reactivity and advanced technological equipments. It includes departments such as radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, reeducation centers. The provided services are crucial for the region and its permanent functioning is compulsory.

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