Service quality

Our service commitment is part of our offer. Relying on our ISO 9001 certification, we guarantee a delivery time respect rate superior to 95% and an order processing performed within 48h.

Together with forwarding companies and site managers, we work towards optimizing our logistic flows.

Therefore, we make sure to provide the best service quality to our clients, through a permanent listening and  implication all along the follow-up of their projects.


Our technological monitoring enables us to introduce new materials in order to ensure a continuous improvement of our solutions. Our engineering teams have cutting edge simulation & design tools (fluid dynamics, materials resistance) to achieve the developments of their products.

Our solutions are certified by approved laboratories according to the latest international standards.

Study and advisory service

In a business subject to massive regulation evolutions, our teams ensure for each project the assessment of the criteria specific to the client in order to offer the most suitable solution. On acoustic construction sites, we are able to perform acoustic studies of sizing guaranteeing the levels of attenuation required by engineering offices. The scale of our offer and the plurality of our options coupled with our advisory ability guarantee you the optimal aeraulic and acoustic solutions.

QSE Policy

Always respecting our fundamental values, discover our policy Quality, Health & Safety and Environment.

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