Rennes metro

CITY Rennes
DATE OF THE SITE 2013 – 2020

Line B of the Rennes metro a future line that will cross the city from west to east for 14km and will serve 15 stations.

This second line will be inaugurated in the second half of 2020. It will be the first line in the world to use Neoval technology, an evolution of light automatic vehicletechnology used for the first line. As a result, nearly 113,000 travelers will use this line daily by 2020.


  • Design and manufacture of multi-module dampers for logisticalreasons of delivery and routing on works.
  • Positioning and size of actuatorswith the design and study of the motorization of the dampers for their adaptation and theirintegration in civil engineering.
  • Support and adaptation according to the changingneeds of our client. In total, about thirtyupdateswerenecessaryuntil the final design on the acoustic part.

F2A solution

As part of its customer's ventilation package, F2A manufactured and suppliedshut-off dampers and smoke exhaust dampers. This supply represents 52 multi-module MS-D dampers (193 modules in total) in Z275 galvanized steel and 101 electricactuators.
The supply F2A also concerns the acoustic part which is integrated in the ventilation batch. Our acoustic engineers have opted for a solution dedicated to the tunnel market : 2258 SONIE BD + acoustic splitters in galvanized steel with deliveries spread from April to September 2019.


SONIE BD + acoustic splitters in galvanized steel.

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