Logistic platform SCA Centre

CITY Yzeure
DATE OF THE SITE 2014 - 2015

Built in 1986, SCA Centre distribution center decided to expand in 2014 to become a 45,000 m3 central purchasing centre employing about 200 people. The aim was to increase storage capacity in order to supply 75% of E. Leclerc stores located in central France with food items, liquids and household & personal care products.

SCA Centre was equipped with evaporator refrigeration systems (made by the company MONDIAL FRIGO) combined with a network of F2A fabric ducts to ensure optimum air control in the building.


  • Uniformly ventilate the centre’s 11-metre-high space.
  • The fire safety standards for the storage space also required a sprinkler system to be installed on the ceiling. This requirement had to be taken into account when designing and installing the network of ducts. An air speed of 5 m/s at a distance of 0.5m from the ducts was enforced to ensure the sprinkler system worked properly.
  • Control air diffusion by directing it upwards so as not to disrupt the people working in the centre or to blow directly on the goods and dry them out.
  • Maintain a constant temperature of 2°C inside the centre, all year round.

F2A solution

A network of TEXI-DUCT waterproof fabric ducts that would direct the air towards diffusion ducts was made specially to order. To meet temperature and air speed requirements, our aeraulics design office chose TEXI-PULSE induction fabric ducts that diffuse air through mesh slots. This slot diffusion solution offers very high airflow per linear metre (> 500m³/h/lm).
To meet limited space requirements, the TEXI-PULSE diffusion ducts were designed as oblong, bowstring or semi-circular shapes and combined with special stainless steel supports with plates on the underside of the tile to save extra space.
In order to meet fire safety requirements, installed ducts were designed to meet the M1 (non-flammable) fire classification. For health and hygiene reasons, stainless steel cables were used to support the ducts.


metres of Ø1600 mm TEXI-PULSE and TEXI-DUCT fabric ducts, with a reduced diameter of 900 mm at the end of the network to ensure optimum diffusion along the entire duct. TEXI-PULSE ducts are made out of polyester while the TEXI-DUCT range is made out of stronger PVC fabric.

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