Nuclear market special features

The nuclear industry implements various processes to produce energy in demanding industrial facilities and must meet drastic requirements both to ensure their availability and therefore profitability, as well as guarantee their safety.

In Basic Nuclear Facilities, ventilation systems contribute to the reliability of these installations by ensuring the operation of key components under suitable conditions. These systems contribute to the confinement, filtration and operation of the processes.

To this end, ventilation and products supplied by F2A contribute to the continuity of the installation’s operation and to nuclear safety.

Since 1975, F2A has been supporting nuclear industry players in their growing search for ever more reliable solutions.

Particular requirements

The equipment supplied by F2A contributes to the people and environment safety.

The products meet with following technical specifications  :

  • Airtightness
  • Reliability
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Decontamination
  • PMUC raw material
  • Acoustic treatment

The dedicated team ensures to comply with safety and quality requirements :

  • Project management
  • Quality Management
  • Documentation
  • Specific end-customers requirements

In order to meet the challenges of nuclear safety, the design and manufacture of products dedicated to the nuclear industry have to be guided by robust processes. This operating accuracy show that F2A’s products comply with the technical requirements, the achievement of the most stringent quality level and their traceability throughout the supply and manufacturing chain.

Selection of our achievements :

Fuel manufacturing achievement
George Besse, Georges Besse II, Comurhex, Comurhex II, FBFC, MELOX

Electrical operator
France, EDF : CP0,CPY, P4, PP4, N4, EPR FLA3, DUS, CCL, Superphénix
Belgium, Electrabel : Tihange
China : Ling Ao, Daya Bay
South Africa : Koeberg
Corea : Uljin

Nuclear waste treatment achievment
France, Orano : La Hague

CEA Marcoules, CEA Cadarache, CEA Saclay, ITER, Réacteur Jules Horowitz, Laser Mégajoule

Brennilis, Chooz A, Chinon A, Phénix, Superphénix

50 years of expertise in the nuclear industry

A team dedicated with a strong nuclear culture :

  • Experts in aeraulics and acoustics
  • Internal acoustic selection tool
  • Testing resources (pressure, leakage rates, …)
  • A network of partners ackowledged for their expertise in nuclear industry
  • Modern production tools
  • An organization focused around ISO 9001 quality standards, with a high-performance quality system adapted to the requirements of the nuclear industry.
  • A complete range

In the context of extending the life of nuclear power plants, operators are required to modify the ventilation systems to increase the safety further to regulatory changes, or to deal with obsolescence.

F2A supports its operator customers in the construction of efficient and economical technical solutions to replace the equipments on site while improving performances.

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