Smoke extraction : regulation point



Smoke extraction: Regulation point

The current European standard EN 12101-8 specifies the basic performance and requirements for smoke extraction dampers to be used with pressure differential systems and smoke and heat control systems.

The product standard EN 12101-8 is supplemented by two other standards defining the tests and classification of smoke extraction systems.

  • EN 1366-10: fire resistance tests
  • EN 13501-4: fire resistance rating

The smoke extraction damper is subjected to extensive tests of mechanical strength and leak-tightness at several temperatures and pressures to determine its classification.

Unlike the multi-compartment application (extraction or ducts serving several compartments), the “Mono-compartment” application, extraction or flue extraction line is directly connected to the outside without being in contact with another compartment.

The new MSD-F register meets European requirements for single-compartment smoke extraction applications.

MSD-F ranking according to EN 13501-4 :

The MSD-F is equipped with an all-or-nothing actuator protected by a thermal jacket. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, as a wall or as a recess. The smoke exhaust damper MSD-F meets the requirements of a CE marking.

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