Smoke exhaust damper MSD-F – EN 12101-8 certified



Smoke exhaust damper MSD-F - EN 12101-8 certified

A smoke exhaust damper is an automatic or manual ddevice which can be opened or closed in an operational position, allowing control of the flow of smoke and hot gases to, from or into the ductwork.

Smoke control systems are designed to fulfill the following functions :

  • Extraction of smoke from a single compartment to the outside of the building
  • Extraction of smoke from fire compartments of a building, using a smoke evacuation system and heat

In accordance with the EN 12101-8 product standard for smoke extraction dampers, all fire protection solutions must now meet specific criteria and be CE marked.

The new MSD-F smoke extraction damper has been tested and certified according to this standard and is intented for installation in areas with single-compartment applications. It is equipped with a thermal jacket and an AQ10 electric actuator. It meets the requirements of a CE marking.

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