Efficiency and thermal comfort in a professional environment ?



The five reasons for moving to textile duct diffusion.

The very flexibility of the textile duct, its extensive options and the uniformity of its diffusion provide an effective response to the challenges of comfort, air quality and energy efficiency in service sector premises or those open to the public.


1- High-quality air diffusion

No stagnant air, control of residual air velocities and an appropriate mixing rate for optimum comfort of occupants (no draughts). Every project is analysed by our Design Office which will then propose the most efficient solution.


2- Quick to install

Diffusion solution with few restrictions due the lightweight materials used and their resistance. It is therefore simple and quick to fit and dismantle textile ducts. It is two to three times quicker to install textile ducts than metal ones.


3- Use of technical fabrics = safety and attractive appearance

The textile ducts manufactured by F2A meet the regulatory requirements in force with the use of technical fabrics with A2 or B Euroclass fire rating. All the textile ducts are available in several colours (more than 120 shades for polyester fabrics) to tie in perfectly with any architecture.


4- Huge flexibility – customised 100% manufacture

The textile duct can be used to create complex networks: connection sleeve, airtight collectors, tapping, elbows, conversion parts.

All geometric shapes can be produced in line with the restrictions of your site (limited space, beams, structural framework, etc.). It can be manufactured as a circular shape, half-circular, quarter-circular, oblong, etc.

The textile duct is a flexible solution as it operates effectively in several climatic modes: hot, cold, ventilation.


5- Simple to service

F2A textile ducts are very easy to service and are an ideal hygienic solution for food industry and clean room applications. No risk of condensation, the polyester fabrics can be washed in professional machines.

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