Risks on Oil Rigs



Risks on Oil Rigs

Oil & Gas rigs house a lot of highly combustible chemicals and gas, which means there is a high risk of fire or gas explosion. These kinds of incidents happen suddenly and often without warning. It is important to be ready by having all possible preventive measures in place.

Extinguishers and suppression agents should be easily accessible. The areas of greatest concern are: gas chambers, oil tanks and electricity rooms. All machinery and equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. Regular inspection and maintenance can reduce the risks of potential explosion or fire. Employees should receive proper safety prior to starting their position if they work in area where highly combustible material is present or there is a risk of fire.

Another danger is the exposure to chemicals. If toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere, workers can experience respiratory issues from prolonged exposure. Many oil rigs release high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide, which can cause paralysis, cancer, or death from too muche exposure.

Major accidents can be disastrous for people and the environment. The highest quality products must be used in order to avoid such accidents. F2A has custom solutions for this market that are ATEX certified.

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