BIM Summit



Today BIM&CO international collaborative platform organize its first day of exchanges for contractors and building product manufacturers to structure and distribute their data to all AEC players devoted to building process improvement to each step of the construction site.

As F2A Marketing Director Julien Musset will take part of it at noon to discuss about how manufacturer content are at the core of designers needs.

Contractors need from manufacturers not only geometrical information but also structured and reliable data for the design, the construction and the operation stages of a building. BIM ‘s aim is to make the various trades involved in a construction work together, the collaboration being carried out around a digital model, virtual twin of the building to be built.

F2A choose 1 year ago to offer this smart library service for its dampers avoiding to re-key information between different actors, problems detection before the work site starts, saving time in simulations and increases accuracy in engineering calculations.

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