Textile ducts TEXI-JET



Operation Heating and cooling mode
Diffusion High velocity with control to ensure comfort
Throw length Long distance
Fire classification MO fire rated for public premises
Design Perfect fitting (tailor-made shapes and colors)

Recommendations for use

Cooling For high premises (H > 8m)
Heating and cooling For heights between 4 and 8m


The TEXI-JET textile duct has been designed for high air velocity diffusion (7 < V < 15 m/s). This diffusion is ensured through rows of perforations designed for your project by our aeraulic engineering department. This method based on high air induction (rate > 20), offers an excellent air distribution efficiency (heating and cooling) combined with the control of residual speed, avoiding any « air draught effect ».

TEXI-JET is suitable for public buildings, storage premises (warehouse) and industrial buildings.


  • shape : circular, ½ circular, ¼ circular or oblong
  • Textile duct : airtight fabric (M0, M1 or non-classified), diffusion through perforations
  • Different colors in option
  • Suspension: simple or double cable, aluminum or PVC rail


  • Required pressure: 120 to 250 Pa depending on configuration
  • Residual speed: < 0,2 m/s
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +100°C (high temperature: contact us)

In option:

  • Flexible sleeve and clamps supplied to connect the ducts on various shaped sections.
  • Professional washing service and textile duct repair (contact us)

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