Our strength, our production capacities



Today, close-up on our dampers and weather louvres factory located in Saint Ouen sur Iton (61).

Since the beginning, the F2A group has chosen to capitalize on its production plant as well as its air management design office in the industrial area of of l’Aigle (Normandy), to take advantage of a French workforce trained in the industry field and of local suppliers.

In this plant, for almost 25 years, a team of specialists has been designing and manufacturing custom-made ventilation solutions for air management ductworks and smoke exaust, dedicated to the commercial buildings, tunnel and metro, marine, oil and gas and nuclear markets.

This is why we now have a very large production capacity that enables us to meet the specific requirements of these markets.

Air management is a highly technical job and we invested in the training of all our production staff from the very begining. Our teams, composed of qualified production technicians and project managers, have skills and knowledge that allow us to maintain this beautiful production tool in perfect condition.

Discover our air management plant (LTI) !

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