Flexible sleeves MCE



Airtightness Class C (EN 15727)
Energy effciency Reduce energy consumption
Simplicity Ready to use
Easy and fast to install Integrated clamps


Min Ø125 mm
Max Ø400 mm
Height 200 mm


The airtightness of ventilation systems has become a major building issue in recent years. In effect, the airtightness problem inevitably leads to loss of efficiency, overconsumption, poor energy performance and therefore additional costs and sometimes degraded indoor air quality.

CETIAT, a French specialized laboratory has clearly identified in tis practical guide, “Airtightness of the aeraulic networks”, that the main risks of leakage of networks were at the junctions, in particular the flexible connections (sleeves).

The new airtight circular flexible sleeve MCE has been designed to connect ventilation equipement to rectangular ductworks. It prevents the transmission of vibrations and noises along the ventilation ductwork.

The MCE flexible circular sleeve includes an airtight gasket at both ends which significantly reduces air leakage and energy loss.

Construction :

  • Sleeve’s body : fiberglass fabric coated with silicone or PVC
  • Integrated clamps in the sleeve for an easier installation
  • Assembled by sewing and soldering
  • EPDM gaskets at both ends
  • Connection : smooth edges

Performance :

  • Fire class : M0 or M1
  • Acceptable pressure : 2 000 Pa
  • Airtightness : class C
  • Operating temperature : -30°C to +90°C

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