The Espace Tourbillon



New reference F2A !

The Espace Tourbillon is a huge urban development project located in Plan-les-Ouates, just ouside Geneva. It offers 95,000 m² of usable area spread over five seven-level buildings and includes a underground logistics terminal.
A major project and one of the most recent major construction sites in Geneva, the complex favors logistical aspects, while at the same time providing a pleasant “village” type working environment.

The objective is to supply and produce for the 5 buildings a wide range of high airtight products both on the air management part, as well as on the acoustic part, and manage the requirements of the strict 4-year delivery protocol involved by such a huge project.

As part of its customer Engie Techniques SA’s, ventilation package, F2A manufactured and supplied nearly 2000 elements dampers or silencers, of which 642 flexible connections !

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