Our textile production site in Béligneux



A few months ago, we started a presentation of our production sites with the dampers and weather louvres factory of Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton (61), then our factory of acoustic splitters and silencers of Dagneux (01).

Today, let’s focus on our 3rd French factory, the “historical” site of F2A group, our manufacturing flexible sleeves and textile ducts plant !

Located in Beligneux (01) since 2004, the workshop extends then on almost 3000 m² and enables the Group, in full expansion, to gather their activities of acoustic manufacture, as well as the manufacture of flexible sleeves and articles in technical fabrics for the industrial ventilation.

This site has a team of experienced seamstresses whose know-how and technical skills enabled us and still do, to adapt to all the constraints of premises and all types of air treatment (professional air conditioning or industrial heating).

At the end of 2018, Beligneux, which became too small to house the growing volume of all our activities, will be devoted solely to the manufacture of our textile sleeves and ducts.

All the activities of this factory, as well as Saint Ouen sur Iton (61) and Dagneux (01) has the double certification ISO 9001 /ISO 14001.

F2A, a medium-sized company, becomes one of the French leader in the sector of the air treatment : to treat, balance, diffuse !

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