Nuclear know-how



F2A, a historic player in ventilation for nuclear applications.

For 40 years, F2A has been involved in all life levels of nuclear installations for different applications (enrichment, production, reprocessing, research…) from their construction to their dismantling.

Indeed, the obsolescence of power plants and the extension of their lifespan require a continual improvement of air treatment systems.

Our organization is focused around projects with a team dedicated to ensure their good execution. The quality system and traceability are the base of our customers’ requests management and follow-up to ensure the reliability of the air systems and contribute to the nuclear safety. Our production site in Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton (France) is qualified by EDF UTO and the entire F2A organization is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

F2A provides a wide range of products : volume-control dampers, backdraught and airtight dampers, acoustic splitters, sleeves. Our equipment comply with to the specific constraints of nuclear applications : resistance to low and high temperatures, high pressures, corrosion, interchangeability of products, motorization of dampers.

Finally, we collaborate with external expertise laboratories to validate the products’ characteristics : seismic problems (calculation notes, numerical simulation and tests on vibrating table), fatigue tests, acoustic performances according to EN7235…

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