Indoor air quality from high school to kindergarden



Face-to-face classes resumed on Monday, May 3rd for middle and high school students after a month of holidays and e-learning. This school start is marked by a strict health protocol and in this time of half-occupancies and self-tests, air quality in classrooms is also a must.

A diagnosis IAQ is mandatory in french nursery, kindergartens and preschools since  January 1st, 2018 and is also became compulsory  for middle-school and high schools since the 1st January 2020. At a time when news positionne indoor air quality in everyone’s concern, F2A offers simple and effective solutions to improve air quality in public buildings, especially schools.

Variable air volume systems guarantee an air renewal that is constantly optimized in relation to the occupancy of the classroom. For 2 years now, Jacques-Yves Cousteau school group in Genay (France) has thus been equipped with RCVS variable air volume dampers controlled by C0²  sensors to ensure hygienic fresh air flow according to the carbon dioxide content. The whole equipment was provided by F2A.

Following this expertise in airflow regulation, the self-sufficient and connected e·VAV damper controls the air quality according to the CO² rate and manages the fresh air aiflow in school buildings.

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