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  • Airflow distributed on request
  • Guaranteed efficiency in heating and cooling
  • Air velocity control: no draught
  • Available in public building version: M0 fire certified
  • No risk of clogging
  • Design: perfect fitting (tailor-made shapes and colors)
Directions of use:
  • Heating for high premises (H > 8m)
  • Heating and cooling for heights between 4 and 8m

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The TEXI-JET textile duct has been designed for high air velocity diffusion (7 < V < 15 m/s). This diffusion is ensured through rows of perforations designed for your project by our aeraulic engineering department. This method based on high air induction (rate > 20), offers an excellent air distribution efficiency (heating and cooling) combined with the control of residual speed, avoiding any « air draught effect ».

TEXI-JET is suitable for public buildings, storage premises (warehouse) and industrial buildings.


  • shape : circular, ½ circular, ¼ circular or oblong
  • Textile duct : airtight fabric (M0, M1 or non-classified), diffusion through perforations
  • Different colors in option
  • Suspension: simple or double cable, aluminum or PVC rail


  • Required pressure: 120 to 250 Pa depending on configuration
  • Residual speed: < 0,2 m/s
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +100°C (high temperature: contact us)

In option:

  • Flexible sleeve and clamps supplied to connect the ducts on various shaped sections.
  • Professional washing service and textile duct repair (contact us)
Our engineering department will study your project to determine the specific constraints of your installation in order to offer the optimal solution.