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Telecitygroup DataCenter

  • City : Aubervilliers, Paris
  • Country : France
  • Date of construction : 2009

Relevant applications


Telecitygroup owns Datacenters in all the major Europeans cities and hosts Telecom companies or takes care of data storage for various businesses. Aubervilliers is its third Datacenter in the Paris area. It was designed and built to be highly efficient considering both its energy consumption and the services provided. The IT rooms occupy 3 400 m² in total and are divided in two separate rooms operating in parallel. This Datacenters is equipped with 8 AC-units of 750 kW and 10 2 750kVA back-up generators.


IT rooms have to be insulated from the rest of the building to make sure that the people working in the technical premises are not bothered by the emerging noises of the equipments. The Datacenter is located near a residential area, its outside emergences are therefore regulated by the Neighbor regulation of the civil code (see Regulation tab).

Adopted solution

F2A solution

1080 SONIE BS+ splitters, as well as 2 custom-made flexible connections.