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Quality Policy

Providing a quality work is fulfilling the expectancies of those who contribute to the development of our company, that is to say our clients, suppliers and each of us.

To do so, our organization and processes must be understood and respected by everyone to be efficient and in constant improvement.

Understanding the client’s or colleague’s request,  paying attention to its accurate treatment by transmitting the data needed for its realization, identifying the irregularities not to repeat them : these are the principles that build a quality organization, from which everyone learns from everybody’s progress and from which the company grows thanks to everyone’s qualities.


Several requirements enable us to assess our quality commitment.  

The first and most visible one remains the reliability of our delivery times. Those past years we have made progress to improve it to more than 95%. To remain to this level requires a high professionalism in all our line of values, from the study of need to the processing of the order and its delivery.

Our work is becoming more and more demanding; norms and uses are becoming more and more complex. We are committed to comply in the best possible way with our clients’ technical specifications by giving them the best appropriate advice and products. Our success will be the result of ability to follow the market evolution and our ability to innovate.

We assure the control of our products and service, and thus the non-quality rate. To reduce it, we have the best design/manufacturing tools; F2A teams are trained for their use thereby control every process that defines the sequence of the work. In a word, we know what we do and we inspire confidence.

In the end, the F2A organization will be dynamic, reactive and will take in account the human values for the fulfilment of employees and the success of the company.



F2A, air handling components manufacturer, commits itself to leading an environmentally-friendly development strategy with ISO 14001 certification process. The organization will be led through the respect of the legislation and a continuous improvement principle.

This approach relies on the company processes identified with ISO 9001 standard. The environmental impacts of these processes are assessed in a permanent effort to prevent pollutions, master the risks and preserve natural resources.

Our first priority aims at conceiving products which guarantee our customers and ourselves a minimum energy consumption and the optimum use of raw materials, especially by taking into account an eco-design approach including the whole life-cycle of the product.

To do so, we pay particular attention to the waste management, especially by choosing recyclable materials, optimizing of our off cuts and packing. We lean on suppliers who are as careful as we are to produce well and better.

Our organization sees to “consume” in the best possible way to its activities’ accomplishment. It systematically gives priority to the most environmental practises such as computerized exchanges to limit paper consumption, the control of our production machines’ energy consumption, our logistics optimization.

Our second priority is to minimize the risks incurred by our staff members by relying on the respect of the current legislation and by giving them the safest working conditions.

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