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Our product offer


Our products are designed to meet the most specific requirements (industrial, marine, nuclear, tunnel…) and have been tested in independent laboratories:



Our acoustic team performs dynamic acoustic studies of your projects and guarantees the results through efficient solutions tested in independent laboratories (EN 7235):


Flexible sleeves

Our designs are designed by our engineering office and manufactured in our factory to ensure the highest quality. Our experience of over 25 years in the design of flexible connectors enables us to match the most demanding needs:


Textile ducting

The fabric duct (air sock duct) allows to overcome the challenge of comfort and air quality in commercial, public and industrial buildings. This type of air diffusion offers an efficient control over atmospheres and environments.

Our engineering office dedicated to air diffusion performs an aeraulic study for each project so as to answer its specific requirements.


Air-air heat exchangers

Dedicated to housing market, our high performance heat exchanger has filed several patents and enables to recover heat from the exhaust air in order to warm the intake air.

The exchanger SB 3.66 embodies the perfect compromise between heat efficiency and low pressure loss. Besides, it is certified 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and uses 100% recyclable materials, respecting therefore our ISO 14 001 commitment.