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Logistic platform Transalliance

  • Country : France

Transalliance company, specialized in transport and logistics, installed on its logistic platform a textile duct for its ventilation. The set up was performed by the company Mondial Frigo, specialized in the industrial and commercial refrigeration. The area to be treated takes up a considerable volume: 5 storage premises, each of them representing a volume of 18 000m3.

Taking these dimensions into account and in order to ensure the optimum storage of food, it is of the utmost importance to set up an adapted ventilation system. This is why F2A’s engineering office recommended the use of TEXI-JET perforated ducts. Custom-made, they specifically answer the technical and dimensional constraints of the premises.


Besides the large dimensions of the premises that represent a volume of 80 000 m3 to ventilate, one of the major constraints was to ventilate homogeneously the warehouse of twelve meters high. Fire safety standards of storage houses also impose a continuous sprinklage on the ceiling.

Standards only allow a maximum dimension of 600 mm for the ducts diameter. Finally the duct will have to be able to work in summer as well as during winter in order to keep the inside of the warehouse under constant temperature.

Adopted solution

A TEXI-JET solution has been chosen in order to move from heating to cooling efficiently. The sprinklers constraint was resolved through the use of a double cable (in galvanized steel) suspension. In order to ensure an efficient mixing of the air, each duct diffuses 18 000 m3/h on a length of 100lm each.

F2A Solution

In total, F2A supplied over 6 km of TEXI JET textile duct of oblong shape in white polyester of 160g.