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What is an acoustic study ?


What is F2A's role ?


What are the standards and the regulations ?

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Volume control & backdraught dampers to balance ventilation ductworks


Fabric connectors and flexible ducts to absorb vibrations


Textile ducts for an efficient diffusion throughout the building

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  • Efficacité et confort thermique en milieu professionnel ?

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  • EUROMÉDITERRANÉE: an urban regeneration project in Marseille city center

    EUROMÉDITERRANÉE is an urban regeneration project in Marseille city center

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  • F2A at ISH trade show !

    F2A exhibits at a major HVAC trade show in Europe

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  • L’interphonie : un enjeu majeur de l’acoustique des bâtiments

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  • New Product Catalog

    New F2A product catalog

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  • Logiciel acoustique en ligne

     eSonie : logiciel acoustique F2A

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  • New damper range U

    Discover our new range U commercial damper.

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  • High performance heat exchanger

    Plate recuperator dedicated to housing ventilation system

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  • Avis d’expert - Entretien avec Jérémy CHANCEL, responsable acoustique F2A

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  • 14ème édition de la semaine du son du 23 janvier au 5 février 2017

    La Semaine du Son sensibilise le public et tous les acteurs de la société à l’importance des sons et de...

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  • New airtight circular sleeve

    Circular airtight flexible sleeve MCE dedicated to commercial applications

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  • Pôle d'Excellence AFT de l'Ain

    L'Ain ne manque pas d'air !

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  • Maintains of the ISO certification

    F2A maintains his ISO certification 9001 and ISO 14001

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Entrepôt de stockage - Dagneux (01)

Dagneux (01)

Situé à Dagneux dans le département de l’Ain (01), un entrepôt de stockage de 44 000m³ a vu son système de traitement d’air rénové pour gagner en...

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EUROMÉDITERRANÉE is an urban regeneration project in Marseille city center, launched by the French government and various local authorities (Ville de Marseille, PACA regional council etc.) in 1995. This...

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Paris' philharmonic


Paris’ philharmonic is set to be a modern building, by its architectural integration in the Villette’s park mostly, but also regarding the acoustic measures taken during its...

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Logistic platform Transalliance

Transalliance company, specialized in transport and logistics, installed on its logistic platform a textile duct for its ventilation. The set up was performed by the company Mondial Frigo,...

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Logistic platform SCA Centre


Built in 1986, SCA Centre distribution center decided to expand in 2014 to become a 45,000 m3 central purchasing centre employing about 200 people. The aim was to increase storage capacity in order to supply 75% of...

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Beaux-Arts Museum



The city of Dijon decided to renovate its fine arts museum so as to present the exhibitions in a renovated and enhanced monument. In the long...

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Flamanville – Basse-Normandie

« A third generation EDF reactor to prepare for the future

After the preliminary work on the construction site...

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Telecitygroup DataCenter

Aubervilliers, Paris

Telecitygroup owns Datacenters in all the major Europeans cities and hosts Telecom companies or takes care of data storage for various businesses. Aubervilliers is its third Datacenter in...

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International house of cultures and languages


This place dedicated to culture and languages is a project that saw the collaboration between the two universities Lyon 2 and 3. This center is meant to unite Lyon’s universities by...

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Alger Subway


F2A along with the client EMA and the building company Colas Rail, have been involved in the extension of line 1 of alger’s subway untill the Bachdjara 1 and 2, El Harrach Gare and Centre...

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