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The increase of virtual traffic makes the use of Data Storage centers imperative

Quantity of stored data

Modern servers can store hundreds of Terabytes of Data.


The evolution of technological processes enabled to reduce the servers’ size and to increase data storage in the same volume by 1 200% in 20 years. This miniaturization has led to a heat radiation 10 times higher than twenty years ago.


The continuous functioning of a Datacenter is essential, especially for companies handling sensitive data whose security is essential.

Issues: miniaturization and its consequences

Cooling constraint

IT equipment requires a very accurate room temperature to work efficiently and without breakdowns.

Filtration constraint

Depending on the geographical location, the concentration in particles can be more or less important. In order not to damage the IT equipment, an efficient filtration has to be set up.

Fire safety constraint

Fire safety solution used in DataCenter must not damage the equipments when extinguishing a fire.

Acoustic constraint

The equipments’ noise emergences are regulated by the work and neighborhood regulation.


Racks layout

There are 3 kinds of rack layouts depending on the means of the constructor of a DataCenter: hot/cold aisles, in a cabinet, and older layouts such as air blown through the ceiling.


There are different strategies to cool a DataCenter:

  • Air blown through an intermediate floor
  • Air supply through the ceiling
  • Low speed ventilation
  • Free cooling
  • Confined rack

Innovative methods

Throughout the world, a various number of companies have developed processes designed to recover the heat generated by DataCenters or to reduce energetic costs.

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Airtightness constraint:

EN 1751 standard

The airtightness of a damper is defined by the EN 1751 standard. Leakage rate is measured both upstream and downstream through a closed damper, then ranked into 4 categories (see below).


If a fire is put out with a passive compound, leakage rate has to be as low as possible in order to lessen the outside air supply.

Filtration constraints:

EN 779 – 2012 standard

It describes the minimal filtration requirement of F7, F8 and F9 filters. It also helps solving the problem of synthetic filters charge with static electricity by imposing a classification based on those values.

June 25th 1980 decree - Article CH38

It describes the filtration constraints for air cooling units dealing with more than 10 000m3/h. It also explains the set up for using M4 filters:

“Filters whose materials are M4 or non-classified can still be used if the installation is composed in addition of the following:

  - either of a valve that can shut off fire for 30 minutes instead of a metallic damper

  - or of the preservation of the metallic damper followed by a proper automatic fire extinguishment device enslaved to the autonomous detector.



European filtration standards:



Eurovent 4/5 is an adaptation of the ASHRAE 52-76 standards, it classifies pre-filters into 4 classes depending on their average filtration of dust. Filters are filed into 5 categories. Many national filtration standards are based on the Eurovent standard.



Documents gathering advices and methods for constructing a Datacenter:


Pacific Gas and Electric Company’

This document gathers different methods to build a Datacenter and in particular the optimum positions used to cool down the IT equipments.



Free Cooling based ventilation guide

It describes the layout of the LPSC Datacenter (Laboratory of subatomic physics and cosmology of Grenoble). It explains the different ways to set up a free cooling system.




Acoustic standards:


Neighboring disturbances, n°2006-1099 decree of August 31st 2006

This decree regulates the ventilation equipments noise when they are close to an inhabited area. The limit is set up at 30 dB(A) outside the building. There are two cases when a corrective is applied :

  • The premises are adjacent to an inhabited building : maximal emergence values can be over 3dB in standardize octaves from 125 Hz to 4 000Hz (1998 decree)
  • The premises are not adjacent to an inhabited building: The overall emergences must not exceed 5dB from the overall noise from 9 to 22h and 3dB from 22h to 7h with a corrective able to increase the threshold of 9dB depending on the length of the disturbance. (1995 modified decree).



Distrubances at work, 2006-892 decree of July 19th 2006

This regulation supervises :

  • The maximum exposure value of workers to a noise of 87 dB(A) at 200Pa for peak pressure.
  • Superior exposure limit values triggering action at 85 dB(A) at 140Pa for acoustic pressure.
  • Inferior exposure limit values triggering action at 80 dB(A) et 112 Pa. If those values are exceeded, the employer has to install devices to reduce noise exposure.
<p><strong>High performance standard acoustic splitter</strong></p>

High performance standard acoustic splitter


Groupe électrogène - Tertiaire - DataCenter

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<p><strong>Acoustic louvre</strong></p>

Acoustic louvre


Groupe électrogène - Tertiaire - DataCenter

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<p><strong>Shut-off damper  </strong>–<strong>  large sizes</strong></p>

Shut-off damper    large sizes



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<p><strong>External louvre</strong></p>

External louvre


Tertiaire - DataCenter

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<p><strong>Weather louvre</strong></p>

Weather louvre


Groupe électrogène - Tertiaire - DataCenter

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